Streetlytes and SBHG announce partnership

Shepherds Bush Housing Group and Streetlytes have announced a partnership to help homeless and vulnerable people in west London.

Every Monday, Streetlytes opens its doors at Stephen’s Church in Shepherds Bush to over 100 homeless and vulnerable guests for an evening of hot food, practical support and friendship. This is the church were SBHG was founded in 1968 so the partnership will be a return to SBHG’s roots as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

Streetlytes volunteers provide a three-course hot meal, access to free clothes, supplies, medical care, advice and support. Over the next three years SBHG will support Streetlytes with £10,000 eahc year which will allow it to expand to second location. SBHG will also make available support services to guests. This includes Best Chance which helps people into training, jobs and employment and Staying First which offers financial support and guidance.

SBHG will also seek to increase its volunteers through its own staff giving their time or people who volunteer through SBHG.

SBHG chief executive Paul Doe said: “Part of our mission when we were founded 50 years ago was to provide services for the most vulnerable.

“Sadly homeless remains a real issue, as it did 50 years ago. We have seen the difference made by Streetlytes and, as part of our 50th anniversary legacy, we will be returning to our roots to support a service that gives care and support to the homeless and most vulnerable.”

Rev Dr Bob Mayo, the Vicar of St Stephens, said: “Half a century separates the founding of the SBHG and Streetlytes. The common thread between the two is St Stephen’s Church. The church set up the housing association in the 1960s after identifying that the need within the community was for affordable social housing. 

“The church partnered with Streetlytes in 2012 after identifying that the concern within the community was to address the needs of homeless people. A rough sleeper will have a life expectancy of 30 years less than the mainstream population.

“SBHG have now gone into partnership with Streetlytes. They will offer an integrated service delivery century, of working for the most vulnerable within our society. The church is honoured to have played its part.”

Richard Bull, Chair of Trustees, at Streetlytes said: “We are delighted to be working together as it will enable both Streetlytes and our guests to move forward.”